Q1. Can I follow you on [insert favorite social media site here]?

Facebook is primarily a personal space for me, and though I occasionally post public posts, it’s rare. If you want to follow me on social media, find me over on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest. Of course, the best way to follow what I’m doing is to sign up for my newsletter.

Q2. Favorite bloggers?

Q3. I’ve heard about this thing you do called a Birthday List. How do I learn more?

Click right here!

Q4. What exactly IS restorative yoga?

Based on the teachings of B.K.S. Iyengar, it’s a relaxation-focused style of yoga that uses a lot of props (bolsters, bricks, blankets, eye pillows, etc.) to help the body fully surrender into a pose. As my teacher Judith Hanson Lasater would say, “Restorative yoga poses help us learn to rest deeply and completely.” Some of my students jokingly refer to it as “adult nap time,” and sometimes it is just that. More often though, it’s conscious relaxation. You place yourself in a pose for an extended period of time (think 5 to 20 minutes), with a lot of props to get your body comfortable, close and cover your eyes, and then let go. Restorative yoga is both one of the easiest forms (physically — no stretch, no sweat), and one of the hardest (mentally — because once you fully relax the body, the mind likes to wander).

Q5. What cool stuff do you think I should check out?

Lots of things rock my world. From books and online courses, to apps and podcasts and nonprofits and the like, here's a shortlist of my current favs just for you, in no particular order. (Please note: Actions taken from hyperlinks in this section may yield commissions for me. However, they truly are my favorites. I wouldn't recommend them if they weren't.)

Online Courses




  • Goodreads — Track all your reads and find new ones.
  • Freedom — Internet, social media and app blocker. Take back your time!
  • Feedly — A place to house all your feeds/blog reads.
  • Pepperplate — Manage recipes, create menus, organize grocery lists.
  • 101 Cookbooks — One of the best vegetarian cooking sites out there.


  • Kiva — Online micro-lending to entrepreneurs across the world.


  • Insight Timer — Follow a guided meditation or time your own.
  • Walk for a Dog — Raise funds for your local animal shelter, simply by walking your dog.
  • iPromise — New to yoga? Start here.


Q6. I have a question you didn’t answer here.

You can reach me through my contact page or submit a question below. Please don’t hesitate to write and ask!