Hi! Thanks for popping by my web-home.

I'm Kirsten Akens, a writer and editor based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

You can find my words in print and online, for newspapers, magazines and web-only publications. I facilitate writing workshops, many of which are combined with my experience as a restorative yoga instructor. I’m currently writing (and producing) a documentary, and I just submitted my first book manuscript to my publisher (anticipated pub date: Spring 2019).

I collaborate with clients who need a freelancer who excels with words — for everything from online content to fundraising materials to marketing products. While I’ve worked with a range of companies, from small and local to large and national, I have extensive experience with and a special place in my heart for nonprofit organizations.

Other things that rate high in my world: Boston terriers, books, (cowboy) boots, baked goods and Browncoats. (And alliteration.)

I really love trying new adventures — and working with new people. If you’ve got a project you’d like to discuss, learn more here, then drop me a note. Just want to read my writing, or receive updates on my workshops? Sign up for my every-now-and-again newsletter here.

And, again, thanks!


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