Before we say goodbye to 2013 ...

[dropcap custom_class="normal"] T[/dropcap]here's something exciting about a brand-spankin' new website and blog. (Hello, world!)Sparkle And it can be so easy to get all caught up in the sparkle and shine of the turn of a year. But before we all get sucked into the newness of 2014, will you hang out with me for a bit while I revisit a few of my favorites of 2013?

When it came to reading...

While this and this are still on my really-gotta-read-soon list, these were my favorite books this year — fiction, nonfiction, cookbook.

As for eating...

Best cooking website that I discovered? Food52 by far.

Which brings me to my #newrecipeaweek project. I drooled over this sweet treat. This savory soup. And this amazing bean dish. (And I'm still on track to keep the at-least-one-new-recipe-a-week thing going in 2014, so follow that journey on Twitter or Instagram.)

How about simplifying?

When it comes to closet-cleaning-out, Project 333 is the bomb. (Yes, I just wrote "the bomb." Whatevs.) Haven't a clue what's actually in your clothes closet anymore? I know the feeling. And Project 333 can help. Just beware — it'll bleed over into other parts of your home.

Just a few more quickies...

• Transcribing still sucks, but it's a little easier with this.

• A friend's screenshot art project.

• Seth Godin's blog, and this idea in particular.

Death Over Dinner.

• How to make jam.

And to wrap it all up...

A little self-promotion. And gratitude. I was so, so blessed to be able to work on this story for the Colorado Springs Independent.

Cheers, 2013.