For you, from me, with love

Hearts in coffee and muffin Credit Kirsten Akens August 2015

A blend of old and new offerings around and about that I've been dipping into this week. (And a little love in my food over there to the right.) Enjoy!

Learn: Thirteen Tips for Getting More Reading Done, by Gretchen Rubin. Number 7 is my stand-by.

Watch: Hip-hop and the art of writing with Idris Goodwin. Can you find me in the audience?

Listen: My favorite podcast series, ever: On Being, with Krista Tippett.

Participate: Lisa, a friend of a friend, brings awareness to scleroderma through her blog, Comfortable In My Thick Skin. This Sunday, Lisa will launch the "Face Off for Scleroderma" campaign. Read more and join in here.

Eat: A #newrecipeaweek from last week: Weekday Vegetable Soup. Whatever you do, do not skip the pistou.

Sing-a-long: Love the Tow'rs. And this features Aspen trees. What's not to love?

TOW'RS | Belly Of The Deepest Love [LIVE] from Mountain Wind Films on Vimeo.

Read: The Gracekeepers, by Kirsty Logan.

Insight: From Down Is the Way to Well-Being: The Dangers of Living at Altitude, by Parker Palmer.

You seem to image depression as the hand of an enemy trying to crush you. Would it be possible to image it instead as the hand of a friend pressing you down to ground on which it’s safe to stand?