Setting a Cornerstone for 2015

Disclosure: While all opinions are my own, this post does contain affiliate links, which means I am compensated should you decide to join. Thanks!

I love planners. And planning. And organizing stuff. But honestly, most days I'm better at organizing other people's "stuff" than my own.

And as much as I also love Evernote, the software is a great tool for organizing, but it feels like its own project some days, figuring out how to make all the bells and whistles work for me. And it doesn't give you any feedback.

As a freelancer, I get little feedback, little support and little accountability (aside from hitting my deadlines). So when I heard about career coach Laura Simms' new year-long program Cornerstone, I had a feeling it was just what I needed.

The line of hers about Cornerstone that got me the most?

Just enough support to keep you honest throughout the year without becoming its own major project.

It's got planning packs — on topics such as legacy and money and task-setting.

It's got monthly group coaching calls with Laura to help with focus and questions.

And it's got its own private Facebook group, currently sitting at 45-some (and growing) really awesome across-the-country folks, for accountability (!) and challenges. So far this in itself has been awesome for me. On the first day Laura posed a challenge to the group, she asked us to 1) do one thing that day that was revenue-generating and 2) do one thing we'd been putting off.

I did both, felt so good about the process and the accomplishment, I set a goal to keep doing both of these every day.

Right now, I've got more work for January than seems possible. And it's thanks almost entirely to that "revenue-generating" tip.

For any of you out there — freelancers, artists, creatives, entrepreneurs, small-business owners, large-business owners, business-on-the-side owners, etc. — who are seeking a way to figure out who you are and how you earn, and create what you most want for your business in a "focused, purpose-centered way," maybe you'll join me in Cornerstone? (It costs $149 for an entire year of support.)

Planning packs + coaching calls + community. What could be more awesome heading into the new year?