For you, from me, with love - 4/16

[dropcap custom_class="normal"] E[/dropcap]ye candy: Do you love the skin you're in?


I'm really digging Nobel laureate Herta Muller's speech on The Space Between Languages.

And also these words from Bernadette Jiwa: "The artist’s mission is to communicate beauty and also to help people connect with that beauty —and through doing so they connect with themselves. People don’t buy into your platform. They buy into the difference that you make."

This story about a 13-year-old eagle huntress in Mongolia (with freakin' amazing photos) has been all over the Interwebs today. And for good reason.

Oh, hey. When the French clock off at 6 p.m., they mean it. (Why again am I not living in France?)

Fascinating NYT article on how digital media is changing the fashion industry.

Some macro-photographed snails. Yes, really.

A beautiful short film about bubbles and life and death. And more bubbles.

And last but in no way least ...

For my friend Amber who is a rock-star runner heading to Boston this weekend, and all the other marathoners, this video. It'll probably make you tear up. That's OK. Crying is a good thing.