Deal of the day, go away

Converse, please stop tempting me.

I could buy something every single day.

Something I don't really need, that is.

My email inbox is flooded hourly with offers and deals and special savings.

My Facebook feed now runs aside a whole smattering of ads that, somehow, know exactly what I'm craving on a particular day. (And occasionally, stuff I've already purchased ... gee, thanks FB.)

And then there's Pinterest. Which I love for its recipes and art and inspiring quotes and adorable photos of Boston terriers and kittens, and organizing capabilities. And which has actually helped me hone in on my personal style, allowing me to sink more deeply into Project 333 and a minimalist wardrobe. But still, it's Pinterest. It's designed to be a craving station.

All over the Interwebs, from fleece-lined leggings to stunning gold earrings to books and art and gotta-have-this whatever-have-yous, and on and on, the stream of stuff never stops.

Every day it's a challenge to say no, when I really want to say yes.

Free shipping. Yes!

BOGO. Yes!

This doohicky will change your life, and you can pay for it through PayPal which means you don't even have to get up and find your credit card.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Every day I have to remember two things.

First, even if I wanted to say yes, my freelancer bank account is too up and down, and down and up, and down, to do so.

But even if it weren't ... I have enough.

I have food, and friends, and warmth, and love and safety and security. (And, well, the library. Because books.)

I have enough. I have more than enough. (And I recognize that not everyone does. I'm very grateful to live the life I do.)

But beyond that — I am enough.

(It's not always easy to remember, with the barrage of advertising out there that feeds on our insecurities. Telling us exactly what we're missing.)

But I am.

As are you.

So splurge every once in awhile, when the bank account is up. I do. And it's OK. Paint your nails sparkly red with a newly purchased polish. Drink bubbly for breakfast to celebrate a blue moon. Buy a hardbound book and have it signed by that author you love.

But do it with the full knowledge that what makes you whole, you already have, in who you are.