A little Spring cleaning

Hopefully you agree it's worth a look. [dropcap custom_class="normal"] Y[/dropcap]ou may have noticed things have changed around here. I loved my former website design but it was based on a free Wordpress theme, and lacked many functions I didn't know I wanted at the time I set it up.

But that's OK, because this web design thing has been a huge learning process, and I'm quite proud of the skills I've picked up along the way.

All that to say, welcome to my brand-spankin' new site. It more heavily features my blog (which is one of the things I plan to beef up as a part of my #40before41 activities) and I've added a Goodreads widget over on the right-hand side to feature the books I'm reading. My #40before41 list has a permanent home, and my professional portfolio is still easy to find.

If you find any bugs or issues while you're poking around the site, let me know, will ya? And I hope you enjoy the new look.