For you, from me, with love — 5/12

[dropcap custom_class="normal"] E[/dropcap]ye candy: Pegs.

Times four?


The New York Times featured one of my favorite style bloggers, Garance Doré. Fun little inside story on her rise. Find her blog here.

Speaking of Garance, her recent posts, "Talking Age," and "39 x Cooler." Apropos for my journey into my 40s.

After attending a Death Over Dinner discussion, stories like this touch my heart. And make me think.

Documentary-in-the-works by a friend about the National Mill Dog Rescue (which is headquartered here in Colorado Springs). Watch. Learn. And, if you can, help.

[videos file="" width="600" height="500"][/videos]

Some suggestions on spring cleaning your clothes closet. (Something I've learned recently I have a talent for helping others do.) (Maybe that will be my next money-making gig.)

An absolutely lovely story on traveling Paris solo.

Adding to the To-Read List — The Rise, by Sarah Lewis

Prepping the kitchen — Ginger beer (#40before41)

And ... the powers that are walking, napping, timing your coffee, and resting.