I miss paper


Have you been on Kickstarter lately? I'm absolutely in love with the fact that one of the top backed projects right now, at more than half a million dollars and 19,000-plus individuals, is a planner.

Not a sparkly new app for your favorite electronic device, but a good old-fashioned, printed-on-paper planner called the Passion Planner. Amid other KS projects, you'll also find the sleek Spark Notebook (funded right now at 321% with 24 days to go) and the quirky "Unsolicited Advice" weekly planner and journal (396% pledged and just 20 hours, at writing, to go).

Now, I love me some Evernote, and Fantastical (because how miserable is the native iPhone calendar app?) but I miss paper. I really truly miss the paper planners of my younger years. I miss playing with colorful pens and markers and the ease of not having to plug in my planner to charge it up every night.

Yes, I realize that a planner, if it's got enough writing room, won't fit in my back pocket. It might not even fit into a purse.

And yes, it won't take photos or send emails or do many of the other million things my phone now does.

But ... but ... I'm intrigued.

As a part of my #40before41 project, I wanted to try journaling regularly. In a notebook. And what I've realized over the past seven months, is that I like the idea of journaling more than I like journaling itself. However, when I think back to my college years in particular, I was a devoted planner user. I'd jot notes in it. I'd doodle in it. I'd dream in it. I'd set goals, and achieve them, with it.

And I wonder if perhaps I need a little more guidance than a blank page.

So, I'm off to Kickstarter to make a pledge (or two). And I might hit a local shop (or two) as well to see what's new out there in the world of paper.

How about you?