A love letter to the library

LibraryBooks[dropcap custom_class="normal"] D[/dropcap]earest library, I love you so. I think it's important to tell you this on Valentine's Day. Because you will always be my Valentine.

I love that you welcome me in your doors and have books and graphic novels and DVDs and CDs and magazines waiting for me to explore on your shelves.

I love that you will never give me that look. You know, the one that says, "You'll never be able to read all those in the time allotted."

I love that I can renew anything I check out online, and that, really, I can extend those initial three weeks past a month.

I love that you know I very rarely watch the films I check out.

I love that you'll let me check out a book. Return it. Check it out again. Return it. Check it out again. Not that I would ever (cough, cough) do that.

I love that even when I have fines, you'll still let me check out materials, until those fines reach $10 at least. (Even though I'm trying really really hard to not collect fines any more.)

I love meeting new friends among your stacks. And if we don't get along that much, someone else will be there to make them their friends.

I love that you make me think. Ponder. Persevere. Learn.

Will you be my forever Valentine?