This is my 40 — One month in

TapShoes [dropcap custom_class="normal"] O[/dropcap]ne month down, and I'm excited to report that I've had a fair bit of movement on my #40before41 list.

Turned this into three sections: Done, In Progress, and Ahead of Me Still. Notes intermingled.

• 40 Before 41 • 


• Develop a new website for my blog — Do you like? • Have a tarot reading done — A friend read the cards for me on my birthday. They indicated a lot of challenge over the next year, but lots of potential success too. • Find more opportunities to dance — Took one tap class (Those are my shoes in the picture!) and planning to continue tap classes this summer. Also making Sunday line-dancing more of a priority.

In Progress

• See my byline in a national magazine — I got an assignment! Should see the byline this fall. • Blog at least twice a week — Slow start, but working on it. • Climb Pikes Peak — Walking and hiking small amounts now. Follow my training journey on my blog in the weeks to come via "#Couch-to-14er." • Read at least 52 books — Keeping pace. Four books down, and counting. • Send a snail mail letter/card/postcard/gift once a month — I sent a slew of thank yous for birthday presents, but am only counting them as one for the past month • Plant and grow something edible outside — Tomatoes, chard, basil, parsley and mint in the pots. Now if I can only remember to water them. (Update to the update: one day after I got everything planted, we had a massive hail storm. Nothing survived. Gotta figure out my next steps.) • Journal at least weekly • Invest in a week’s worth of matching bras and panties (foundations matter!) — One new set purchased, a beautiful lacy nude set, in case anyone cares. • Intentionally play music in the house every day — This has been awesome actually. Somehow it makes the house feel more like a home. • Participate in a stage show (play, musical, etc.) as cast or crew — I auditioned last week for a play. First audition ever. Callbacks aren't for a few months, and I know it's a long (long, long) shot, but I'm rather proud of myself for going through with it. • Play paintball — Recruiting friends to join in because this seems like it would be more fun with a group. • Continue to reduce my wardrobe, a la Project 333 — It's amazing, really, how much easier it gets each time. • Show up (my 2014 “one-word” soul mantra) •

Ahead of Me Still

• Learn to bake French macarons • Have at least one item of clothing tailored to fit • Build a terrarium • Visit Ojo Caliente • Yoga and meditation, daily • Take French language lessons • Make new connections with at least three bloggers I respect • Plan my next trip to France • Attend the Santa Fe Opera • Take classes on how to use all the buttons on my DSLR • Figure out my signature style • Skinny dip • Learn to make ginger beer • Find the perfect red lipstick (and wear it) • Add a piece of original art to my collection • Take a trip with a girlfriend • Visit a hot springs in Colorado • Give generously what I want to receive • Facilitate and participate in at least one improv writing session a month • Stay up once all night until sunrise • Perform at a poetry slam/open mic • Get will and living will in order  • Get make-up tips from a pro • Take performance driving lessons •

What kinds of new things are you doing these days?