Dear Jean(s)

Jeans credit Kirsten Akens 2015

Dear Jean(s),


I've had to make some difficult decisions lately. I don't think you'll be surprised about where this is going, but I need to be clear for both our sakes.

This relationship we have — it's just not working anymore.

We've been together so long I can't even remember when we first met. Way before I started in with Project 333. (You had no idea what we'd be getting into, did you? Honestly, I didn't either.)

You and me — we weren't love at first sight, but more of a gradual coming-together over a few years. And then we were hot and heavy for quite a long time. Out for pizza on Friday nights. Country dancing weekly. Walking the pup. Heck, you traveled everywhere I did this year — which was quite a commitment. Those TSA folks can be a bit grabby.

Unfortunately, these last six months ... well, things have shifted.

I'd say it's not you, it's me, but actually I think it's both of us. We've gone different ways. The way you hang about, it's not as cute as it used to be. (In fact, it's not at all flattering.) To be honest, I'm concerned about you. You're just not holding up the same. And you seem to be a bit frayed around the edges.

I know I've changed too. I've been asking for more out of the ones I really care about. I've not hung you out to dry, but I have been turning on the heat and tossing you around a bit. I'm sorry if it's been more take than give on my part.

I'll always look fondly on our time together and I wish you the best. I know there's someone out there that will once again fit to you like a glove. And though there will never be another one just like you, I'm certain there's someone new out there for me too.

All my best,