Red leaf, photo credit Kirsten Akens 2015

Today's prompt from Rachel Cole's Savor project is:

In the quiet, I hear...

In the quiet, I hear my heart beat.

Have you ever slowed down and listened to your body so deeply that you can hear your heart beat? Not physically feel the pulse of blood somewhere in your body with your fingers, but actually hear the oh-so-soft thump, thump, thump.

It's soothing.

Give it a try.

Turn off any external noise that you can — TVs, music, phones. Find yourself a comfortable seat. In a chair, or on a couch. Or lie down on the floor on your back or your side.

Begin to notice your breath first.

Feel the inhale.

Feel the exhale.

Welcome the thoughts that arise. And let them pass on by.

Continue to notice your breath. Don't try to change or shift it in any way. Just notice.

Feel the breath in your chest, around your heart. Feel it slip over the heart on the inhale, and back past the heart on the exhale.

Then listen. The heart's beat is soft, but consistent. When you hear it, breathe with it. Try inhaling for two beats, and exhaling for two beats (or for whatever count works best for you).

Settle in and breathe with the beat of your heart for a few minutes. Relish this connection with yourself.

Then slowly let your breath come back to normal. Blink open your eyes, and continue on with your day.

It might feel just a little quieter.